When I look at my humans like this 

My Innocent look

Relaxing on the couch

Playing in the yard 


My Story

I was born on January 18, 2015. My sister (Bailey) and I were surrendered when we were 8 weeks old to Rescuing Animals In Need (R.A.I.N.). 

Rescuing Animals In Need (R.A.I.N.) was holding an adoption event at Petsmart in Casselberry, Florida. That is when my humans came to Petsmart to get food for the other rescue animals at home. They first saw my sister Bailey and they couldn’t believe how much I looked like one of their dogs. They started talking to my foster mom about my sister and that is when they found out about me being her sister. My foster mom told my humans about our story and how we ended up with the shelter. She told my humans that they would separate us if we wanted. I could hear the humans talking and they said that we had such a rough start to begin with and couldn’t think about separating us from each other because we have always been together. On June 20, 2015 at 5 months, My sister (Bailey) and I were adopted and we got our furever home together. I will be 3 years old this coming January. 

I share a very close bond with my sister (Bailey). We love to cuddle together and have similar personalities. I love to play in water and my humans even got me my own pool to play in. I love ice cubes and whenever my humans get ice I will run into the kitchen in case they drop one. 

I share a special bond with my adopted brother (Nikko). We love to play together and we both love playing in the water. I love when my humans get us all new toys. I will walk around the house feeling really proud that I got a new toy. 

I do not kiss the faces of my humans. I will kiss them everywhere else but not on the face. If I give them a kiss on the face it is a special kiss because I don’t do it often. 

When we were adopted my humans were told that we were a hound mix. My humans had a DNA test done on us and the results came back that we are Beagle, American Stafford-shire Terrier, Chihuahua and Labrador Retriever mix.