Relaxing outside on my chair


Sleeping on my blanket

Looking out the window

My Story

I was born in July 2008 on a farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I am 8 years old. I am a domestic short hair grey and white cat. 

I was put in the back of a truck that was making a delivery where I was born. It was a long ride and when the human opened up the back of the truck there I was. I was taken inside and they gave me food and water. I was taken to the vet to get a check up and my shots. I stayed at the office of the human that found me. They were moving locations so another set of humans came to see me. I was just so cute because I was rolling around and talking to them. They fell in love and that is when on March 9, 2009 I got adopted and found my furever home at 8 months old. 

My humans say that I have the greatest personality and I love going around the house being vocal. I will give my humans kisses and even give them love bites. My humans say that I act like a dog because I call when they call me.

I sleep in bed with my humans sometimes. I love going out on the screened in porch and watching the birds and the lizards.