Sitting looking out the window

When she first came home at 4 weeks 

Sitting on the scratching post 

Relaxing on the back of the couch

My Story

I was born in July of 2014 outside. I am a 3 year old Calico Cat. 

My biological mom was an outside cat. I was found in the wheel well of someone’s car after they drove to work. I was taken to the local shelter by the person that found me.

My human was there getting something for her dogs (didn’t know at the time what a dog was). She heard me meowing in the box I was in and asked if she could see me.

I was so tiny and so scared. But it was love at first sight for my human. I was immediately taken to the vet where they estimated me at about 4 weeks old. I was than taken home. It was on that day August 15, 2014 that I found my furever home.

Once I arrived home it was straight to the bathroom for a bath as I had fleas. My human took care of all the fleas.

I was so small that I was kept separated from the dogs and the other cats in the house so I didn’t get hurt.

Because I was born outside and a feral cat I needed to work on being socialized. I would play really rough with my human and she didn’t know what else to do to get me to calm down. I would just run up and attack her arm and then run away. But my human didn’t give up on me and with a lot of time, patience and love I learned to not play rough and I started to get along with the other cats.

My human spent a lot of time with me getting me to be socialized. After I got spayed and had to wear the cone of shame, my human would take my cone off and rub my neck as I sat on my humans lap.

As I got older the bond between me and my human only grew stronger. I follow my human everywhere she goes and I want to be with her regardless of where she is. I love to give my human kisses.

I was raised with dogs and sometimes I don’t understand why they don’t want me rubbing against them or why they don’t want to snuggle with me. I wonder if they will ever snuggle with me or let me rub against them.