Our Handsome Guy


At 13 Weeks
     Sitting on the couch

My story

I was born on April 10, 2011 on an Amish farm in Newburg, Pennsylvania. I am currently 6 years old. 

My biological mom is a Shiba Inu and my biological dad is a Border collie. I came to my furever home on July 13, 2011. 

When I first came to my furever home there were several cats living there. It was my first time meeting a cat. I was the first dog that my humans had. 

My hobbies include playing fetch with tennis balls or sticks, playing in the garden hose (but don’t like to get my paws wet), I love playing with soccer balls and basketballs but I usually end up popping them, and I love catching a Frisbee. My human says that I am very smart and have learned lots of tricks. The tricks that I know if sit, stay, down, high five (with each paw), can give each paw, hug, kiss and pitiful where I lay my head on my humans lap. My human also taught me what they can “love scene” where my human and I move in real slow and we touch noses. 

I suffer from noise phobia. I get scared of fireworks, thunder, hard rain and loud noises. My human has to give me medicine when I get scared. I suffer from dry skin. Last year I had a torn ligament in my back leg which still bothers me sometimes. But that doesn’t seem to slow me down. 

I have a special bond with my adopted sister Abby. We love to play together, and we both love playing in water.

I have a special bond with Onyx the cat. He is the same age as me and we are growing up together. When Onyx came to his furever home we were exactly the same age.