Solid Gold “Let’s Stay In” Indoor Dry Cat Food Review


We received a donation of several cat food products from Solid Gold. They heard about Sebastian’s condition and decided to send us some samples to try.

For those of you who do not know about Sebastian’s condition, he has high blood pressure and heart muscle disease. He takes medication daily and needs to stay away from certain foods and ingredients.

Today we had the cats try the “Let’s Stay In” Indoor Dry Cat Food. This is a Salmon, Lentils and Apples recipe.

The initial taste test went well. All 4 of cats sampled the dry food. Sebastian seemed to like it, which is who were are most concerned with because of his condition.

Even though Sebastian liked it, we will try it a few more times to ensure he will consistently eat it before making a decision whether we will switch him or not.

We also have the moist food we are going sample in upcoming videos, so make sure you check back.


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