Solid Gold Moist Food Review – Savory Feast & Savory Mousse


We received a donation of several cat food products from Solid Gold. They heard about Sebastian’s condition and decided to send us some products to try.

For those of you who do not know about Sebastian’s condition, he has high blood pressure and heart muscle disease. He takes medication daily and needs to stay away from certain foods and ingredients.

Today we had the cats try the “Savory Feast Turkey Giblets and Pumpkin in Gravy” moist cat food and “Savory Mousse Chicken with Goat Milk and Chicken Liver with Goat Milk”

The first taste test with the Savory Feast went well. All 4 of cats sampled the moist food. All 4 seemed to like that flavor.

We performed a second taste test about 4 hours later to ensure the cats would be hungry again. The second taste test with the Savory Mousse didn’t go as well. The mousse wasn’t as popular as the pâté with our cats. This was the first time they’ve tried a mousse style food. We’re not sure if it was the texture, smell or taste but 2 of the 4 cats didn’t seem to like it. Some cats may like the mousse, but our cats prefer a pâté style.

We also have other moist food we are going sample in upcoming videos, so make sure you check back.

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